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1/1 scale Realistic Lifelike Handmade fake german shepherd


 Why should we be the only ones to have fun??? coming soon is a very modern new toy for our dear little pets. If you have witnessed any of the things below you might want to consider this new dog sex toy.

Unbelievable but true, coming soon is a sex doll for dogs!! You may nearly fell of seats when saw this!! The advantage of course is no more embarrassing leg-humping problems when friends come round.


Maybe soon we will see more relaxed and happy pups after honey moon with our cute dog bride walking the streets with their heads held high…

Product size: length 100 cm * width 25 cm * height 80 cm (tail can be bent without the length of the tail)
Material:real dog skin & fur, internal polyethylene hard hollow model

Uses: dog humping,dog sex/home decoration / photography props / teaching mold / gifts / gifts, etc.

What is a dog sex toy without sex function?

Similar to simulated animal crafts,we use dog skins to make life-size dog toy. It can be said that it is a leather dog toy.

According to the animal's usual expressions and movements, the simulated animals are also different in shape and lifelike.

With more and more pet lovers, pet supplies stores and pet hospitals have gradually prospered. However, for a variety of reasons, many people who like pets can't or are not suitable for pets, such as pregnant women, when the appearance of simulated pets greatly compensates for their needs.

A lifelike vivid animal, without feeding or care, can also bring happiness to people.

What you will get:
1 x life-like Dog clone toy



Baby created on the order will not be an exact copy of that photo!!! Each baby is unique and unrepeatable!!!

It will be made of the same materials and the same technology, but the expression of the muzzle may be different !!! You must understand two identical toys (like people) do not exist. We are not a factory, we are - artists.
Thank you for understanding!