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OffloadDogsBoner V2 Fleece realistic hump toy for small dogs without Neutering your puppy


Type: Dogs

Toys Type: Interactive Toys

Set Type: Yes

Material: Fleece

Product Description:

1.Helps with male dogs' physiological needs in heat, to relieve stress and rampage, to stop jumping around and shouting.

2.Real-feel bitches are made form comfortable,friendly materials, non-toxic,soft Leather hair touched as real.the vagina is made of high quality silicone materials, lather on a lubricating oil before the male dog use it.

3.Built - in sound device, pressing issue of sound, to attract interest in dog play.

4.Fixed on the floor with four suckers, Real ratio 1:1,Suitable for small and medium-sized dogs.

5.Noted: 3 pieces No.7“AAA”1.5V batteries are not packed for the safety of transportation.Turn off the Sound device,can be washed by hand.


Pet puppy companion toys to meet the physiological needs of male dogs

Pet companion toys for small and medium-sized dogs

solve the physiological needs of male dogs

and bring perfect experience for pet dogs.

How to use ?

Before using the male dog,

it is recommended to apply lubricant on the silicone channel

to protect the physical health of pets

and bring a perfect experience to the pet.

Soft fur

This toy has soft fur, non-toxic and odorless, and can be washed by hand.

Environmental silica gel channel

The channel is made of high-quality silica gel, which can be washed and reused.

Strong adsorption

The plantar suction cup has strong adsorption force, suitable for smooth and flat hard ground, and can resist the impact of pets during use.

What kinds of dog can be use for?

Suitable for small and medium-sized dogs

Corgi,teddy,Bulldog,Bichon frise,Pomeranian,Bully,Shepherd,etc